Aspen Colorado

Rainbow of Colors on Aspen Trees

Aspen Trees Near Aspen Colorado



A rainbow of colors on a group of aspen trees near Aspen, Colorado. The fall season in Aspen is something that is hard to explain. Its so beautiful everywhere you look there are aspen trees that are gold, red, orange and so many colors. The ground in drenched in gold from the leave that have made their flight. I noticed this group of trees off the road a ways and thought why not. It was the best group of trees that I saw the whole trip. I pulled over, put on my earphones, and started walking. It seemed close but it ended up taking around a half hour before I arrived at this spot. I was all alone, it was dead silent and I took a moment. Man…this is nice!! Anyway I started snapping away for a few hours and this was the shot.


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